Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ABC Wednesday: X is for...


The Greek Christos, the annointed...which is a translation of the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ, the Messiah.

I'm taking an intensive course in liberation and post colonial theology, taught by a passionate and brilliant scholar/theologian from Guatamala. The past couple days we've been talking about queer theology, and how the theology expressed in many churches and denominations can be deeply damaging and oppressive for those in the LGBTQ community. Far too often, hate and rejection is preached and practiced by those who name themselves "Christian", instead of living out Jesus' Gospel message of love. Jesus was present with the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized. Jesus did not walk among the wealthy and powerful saying "By jove, you've got it, well done, give yourselves a pat on the back!" No...it was more like "Oh My God people! 'Love God, love each other.' It's so simple, why can't you get it?? Sigh...let me try to get it through your thick heads and hard hearts one more time..."

Granted we humans, including those of us who walk a path with Jesus, are far from perfect! But we must keep trying to love one another, to speak out for those who have no voice, to actively seek justice, to risk standing up for what is right. We have a loooong, long way to go before the light of the risen Christ shines fully in our hearts and in our world. June is, of course, Pride Month and so, as always, I stand in loving solidarity with my LGBTQ brothers and sisters...and I plan to join or at least cheer from the sidelines of Halifax's upcoming Pride parade. In the meantime, I will continue exploring the theology of the Queer Christ...and hoping homophobia will soon be but a distant memory in the dust of our earth...

I have no photos of the risen Christ depicted in art, but here are a couple pics of Jesus, living and crucified.

I encountered this piece of art in the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena in Castiglione del Lago, Umbria (Italy) It is a stone carving of a scene from the Gospel named for Luke (Lk 7:26-50), the woman anointing Jesus' feet with oil.

The Baptism of Christ by Pietro Vannucci, known as Il Perugino in the cathedral in Citta della Pieve, Umbria

Glazed terra cotta crucificion by Andrea della Robbia in the early Christian church (built in 996) Santa Maria Primerana in Fiesole (near Florence, Italy). Della Robbia was a Renaissance sculptor, specializing in ceramics, so obviously his work is a later addition to the church!

X marks the spot over on the ABCW website this week...check it out and see what treasures you uncover on the other participants' blogs!


Roger Owen Green said...

I must admit having a bias in favor of liberation theology. Too often the Word is twisted to oppress people rather than to address their needs.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

eJoops said...

Very informative.

X is for Xeroderma

Trekcapri said...

Hi Anne, this is a wonderful and inspiring post. I love your photo collection. I finally convinced my sis to go on a trip to Italy in 2014. So guess where in Italy is on that list, Rome, Umbria and Venice. :)

Have a wonderful week.

chubskulit said...

In Filipino language (tagalog), We call it Kristo. Very informative.

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Annie said...

So inspiring and beautiful. I'm glad there are open-minded and inclusive Christians like you!

Leslie: said...

I stopped going to church simply because people are too legalistic. I believe in a loving Christ, one who accepts all, especially those of us who are sinful - and are any of us not?

abcw team

Joy said...

To search for understanding is a noble ambition.
Joy - ABC Team

sandrac said...

Very well said, Anne! (And wonderful photos, as well!)

I've also studied liberation theology and have found it really spoke to me. It seems to me that it gets to the core of what Christianity should be about.

That said, I had a prof in university, a former Jesuit, who was horrified by liberation theology, concerned at what he considered its Marxist underpinings. He and I didn't agree!

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