Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Fulfilment    By  Bernard Thorogood

The leaf was made for dancing
And the cloud for shade at noon
The breeze was made for freshness
When the sea gleams in the moon
The waves were made for stirring
And the mountains to be still
The daisies made for sunlight
And great trees to clothe the hill
And everything that you have made
Was good in your sight Lord
For all things have a part to play
And nothing is ignored

You lead the way from seed to fruit
From womb to birth to youth
You trust all to be mature
To handle love and truth
Now help us Lord to give a place
To every living thing
To know the good that you have made
That every voice may sing

A friend just shared that poem and my response was:

Oh My God I love this poem!!! It resonates so deeply with my belief that we are all Good. Enough. Just as we are. Who tells a burbling brook or a crashing ocean wave or a dancing leaf to be "better", "faster", "straighter", "more than..." than the amazing creation it already is? If only we could learn to accept each other in the same way.  "And everything that you have made was good in your sight Lord." What if, instead of insisting on the dominant culture's paradigm of continuous improvement, constantly seeking to excel and striving for perfection, we decided to fully embrace and celebrate ourselves and each other just as God made us? How subversive and wonderful that would be. That is my prayer for today and always :)

Let me add that I DO still believe we need to grow and change in order to thrive as we move through this journey of life. It's just that I think we expand and become our true amazing selves through positive reinforcement and affirmation, rather than through seeing ourselves as "not quite there yet", always feeling slightly short of the mark. Our creativity explodes exponentially when we feel loved and accepted for who we are. When we celebrate our gifts, when we share them for the sheer joy of being in relationship, and bring all that we are to the circle...that's where the growth and transformation is possible. Be free from the burden getting it "right" and from thinking that we must be ALL things for ALL people ALL the time (which, of course, isn't even within the realm of possibility for anyone!) Let go of thinking in terms of being "better" than who we are, and fully live into being the amazing people we already are.

I'm not always great at this myself...but I keep trying!


Annie said...

Oh, what an awesome poem. I love it too! And I love your "wonderful and subversive" thoughts too.

Great way to start the day - thanks for sharing!

Anne said...

Thanks Annie, glad to know my thoughts resonated!

I've always struggled with the current models of performance evaluation and constructive criticism. I suppose they have their place, but it's been my experience they take up way too much room on the plate. Not nearly enough room is left for affirmation and appreciation. Of course, I get caught up in the game too, but am trying to be more intentional about honouring what is, instead of focussing only on what would make it better.

Have a fantastic day!

Trekcapri said...

Hi Anne, what a wonderful poem and an amazing post. I always enjoy reading about your thoughts on things. Looking back sometimes they posts your write have come in the most needed of times for me. Thank you for being who you are.

Anne said...

Oh thanks so much for your kind words, Kathy! I'm so glad my thoughts have been helpful in some way for you.

Hope you are enjoying your Peruvian adventures!!

EastCoastLife said...

What a beautiful poem! I spent some time counting the blessings I had last year. I am contented.

May you have a glorious year ahead. Happy New Year!

girasoli said...

Hi Anne,

This is a wonderful poem! I have been working on this also.

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