Monday, July 4, 2011

The joys of June

This is a farm I pass on the way to the camper.  It is a gorgeous scene at all times, but especially so when the fields are aglow with dandelions.  I know dandelions are the bane of many people's existence, but frankly I love them!  So bright and sunny (well not so much when they go to seed, but then they are fun, fluffy balls, so they are still ok in my books!

One day, coming home from the camper, I got stuck behind the Rawdon Days parade.  I puttered along, feeling irritated at the slow pace and wishing the parade would pull over and let the very long line of traffic go past.  But then I came alongside these horses, who were circling round and round in their pasture...and my spirits were lifted by their grace and beauty!
Happy face in my grilled cheese sandwich...made for me with love by Dave.  How cute is that?!
The delicate beauty of a lady's slipper.  A type of orchid, these gorgeous flowers are apparently very rare in Nova Scotia, to the point where it is illegal to pick them, but I stumble across them from time to time.  I had my camera with me when I spotted this patch, so was thrilled to take some photos.
Fun and foolishness on the links during our annual staff day (which is the only time I golf, although turns out I'm not half bad at it!)
A young man who works on my floor gave me these "wish you well in your future journey" flowers.  I was quite touched by this sweet gesture.

Valerie and I spent a wonderful day touring around the Valley.  We stopped into the Just Us fair trade coffee museum, and the Grand Pre winery (where I am standing in the photo.)  Also had a fantastic lunch at Rosie's in Wolfville (chicken quesadilla and salad, greek for me, spinach for Val, both were yummy!!)  We wound up back at the camper for a night of conversation and laughter around the bonfire.

Biggest moment of the month: being received as a Candidate for (ordained) Ministry in the United Church of Canada - whoooohooo!!! 
It was pretty awesome having my soul sister preside over the service! :)  I'm glad we were able to have it before she leaves. (Valerie accepted a call to another church beginning in Sept.  Will be odd not to worship together every Sunday.  Of course, we wouldn't be sharing worship much longer anyway since I'll soon have a student field placement. We'll continue to share our lives, of course, just not our church!)

And I even got presents! :)  Valerie gave me a student minister survival kit: a bucket (for when the storms of life are raging and my boat begins to sink!) filled with a variety of helpful items.  I especially like the Polly Pocket kit for me to play with when my inner child needs tending to, the finger tip laser lights for when I've burned the candle out at both ends, and made-in-Italy pasta to remind me of the place that makes my heart sing!! Oh and the puppy hand puppet says "I love you...I love you", to remind me that I am surrounded by the love of my faith family wherever I go.

And those were some of the highlights of my June - along with the engagement of my beautiful Sara (which news I shared a couple entries ago) and my darling Moira's most excellent final marks (such as 94 on her final math exam, my kid is a brainiac!!)

July will bring my last day at work, as I leave behind a 20 odd year accounting career that has begun to suck the life out of my soul.  (To be honest, my heart and mind have already left the building, just waiting for my body to exit as well!)  Shortly thereafter I head off to bella Italia with my mom, a perfect break between the old life and my new beginning!!


Trekcapri said...

Hi Anne, Congratulations on being received as a Candidate for (ordained) Ministry! That is very cool.

And what a great blog post full of beautiful, positive and inner child fun. Thanks for making me smile this morning.

Have a great week.

Anne said...

Thanks! I've known for a while that my candidacy was approved, but still was really awesome to have it formalized in a service of recognition. I'm so excited to have this part of my journey behind me and to now move forward with my studies in September. It's still a bit scary, but mostly exhilarating!

I'm delighted to have brought you a smile!! I always hear of spring fever, but I think I have "every season fever"! lol The change of seasons always fills me with a sense of amazement and joy. Summertime...bring it on!!! :)

girasoli said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you! Had to laugh at the Polly Pocket :)

I used to find lady's slippers behind my house in the forest now and then when I was growing up. Never picked them though as I also knew they were illegal to pick. Beautiful flowers! Lucky you to spot one.

So when do you leave for Italy? Have a fantastic time! I know you will love Milan. It really was fabulous. Say hello at Hotel Canada for me.

Anne said...

Leaving in just over two weeks, can't wait!! I know it will be hot there in July and August, but it's been around 30 and humid in NS all week so the high temps won't be a total shock to my system. :)

sandrac said...

You have really had an eventful few months, Anne! Congratulations again on the approval of your candidacy for ministry -- what an interesting journey this will be.

And I'm certain you'll have a wonderful journey to Italy with your Mom later this month. At least when it's hot, you know you'll be able to pack light: sandals and skirts and away you go!

Annie said...

Congratulations to you and best wishes! I'm sure it'll be bittersweet to leave your old job but exciting at the same time. I'm really happy that this is unfolding for you!

Anne said...

Sandra, so true, it definitely is easier to pack for a summer trip. Especially when travelling and can wear same thing every other day if necessary. (After rinsing out the sweat of course!)

Annie, I'll miss lots of people when I move on. Although am struggling to remain at all engaged in the job itself now that the end is almost here! Am so excited to be off to Italy and then to begin my studies. :)

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