Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ABC Wednesday

My blog friend Annie told me about a meme called ABC Wednesday, in which she and Kathy (another of our blog friends) participate. So I thought I would join them...insofar as I can manage it around the demands of school and student ministry. I gather that the meme is not restricted to photos, but nonetheless, I will start off with a photo collection!

A is for...Arches. Especially old stone archways as found in the streets of towns in Italy. A friend of mine says that I was surely Italian in a previous life, because I am so drawn to this's like the ancestral home of my heart and soul. Here are a few photos I took on my most recent visit, my fourth and hopefully not last, although having recently given up my public service career to follow Jesus into ministry means I am a poor student for the next four years, and have no money for oversea trips (unless, of course, someone wants to "hire" me as a travel planner and tour guide...hint to my mom! lol)

The photos were taken in Cetona, Tuscany; Monteleone, Umbria (I think); Ferrara; Assisi; and a final one of the living room of the house we rented during our two weeks in Cetona. Enjoy!!

I invite you now to settle into a comfy chair and surf on over to Mrs. Nesbitt's ABC Wednesday site, where you will find links to many more fabulous and creative posts!


chubskulit said...

These are great captures, a nice start for ABC. Come see mine when you get a chance.

Annie said...

I love your collection of Italian arches, Anne! And I spy a cool looking street shrine too in photo number six.

I hope that we both will be able to return to Italy sooner rather than later. :)

About the ABC-Wed graphic, I copied it from their site and then uploaded it to my blog just like a photo. Hope that helps!

Roger Owen Green said...

WELCOME to ABC Wednesday. Come by whenever you can!
Nice shots.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Carol said...

Great photos of some beautiful arches! I would love to see these in person. Wonderful post for your first ABC!

Trekcapri said...

Hi Anne, what an awesome photo collection of Arches. They are all very cool. I enjoyed traveling vicariously with you and reading your blog while you were in Italy with your mom.

I'm so glad that you decided to join in. I think it is quite fun.

Hope you enjoyed your winter break in school and wishing you the best in 2012.

Anne said...

Thanks to all for the nice comments :)

Annie, that IS helpful, thanks.

mrsnesbitt said...

Hi Anne and like Roger I too would like to say welcome aboard. yes we post what inspires us, so whatever you feel you want to share - go for it!
Hope you enjoy your future Wednesdays - we are in relatively easy letters at the moment - gets more fun as we tackle q, x, z. lol!
Denise ABC Team

girasoli said...

These are fantastic photos! Love love love the arches in Italy. Great collection!

Mel Cole said...

oh wow, i love those beautiful arches :) My "A" for ABC Wednesday.

Anne said...

Thanks Denise, good to know it is a flexible challenge!

girasoli - I believe you and I also share a love of tower climbing in Italy!

Thanks Mel, glad you came by to check out my blog :)

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