Saturday, January 21, 2012

Photohunt: Bliss

Time for another Saturday photohunt!

The theme this time around is Bliss. I have several photos in my collection that reflect moments of bliss, but this one really captures my heart. It is my mother enjoying her morning beverages on the terrace of "our" house in Cetona (the house we rented for our home base in Tuscany last August. We hope to return to this wonderful house and town, and highly recommend it to others. Details in the owner's Homelidays listing # 302226 .)

Mom loved her mornings on the terrace, soaking in the morning sun, gazing over the stunning view of Monte Cetona and across the valley to Citta delle Pieve in Umbria, and the wonderful landscape in between. She would exchange greetings with our neighbours as they went about their morning routines. I snapped this photo from the little balcony off my upstairs room.

We are both so glad that I discovered the SlowTravel website and philosophy a few years ago. Instead of moving all over the place trying to see everything on one trip, the slow travel philosophy is to experience one area deeply. To linger in one place and let the wonder and beauty of the land shimmer before your let the people, the culture, the history flow into your an experience that changes you. It is profoundly rejuvenating to let yourself follow the local rhythm, get to know your neighbours, find amazing hidden corners you would otherwise miss.

Click on over to the Saturday photohunt website and check out more blissful photos!


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I love this photo. I hope it is in a frame on her bedside.
Staying in a small village... being a part of the community.

Trekcapri said...

Hi Anne, what a wonderful photo of your mom. And she does look so blissful in her morning spot enjoying the moment. I completely agree with your comments on how the Slow Travel philosophy, it too has changed my travel experiences (for the better).

Have a wonderful week.

menehune said...

Now that is the definition of bliss to me! Great choice. I'm glad both you and your mom made time for each other on a memorable trip for you both.

Anne said...

Thanks Sandi - you've just given me the perfect gift idea for her next birthday! I must get this framed for her, perhaps along with a few Italian goodies like Baci chocolates, wine, olive many possibilities!

Trekcapri, it is such a blissful way to travel, isn't it? I feel blessed to have made so many blog friends through the ST community. :)

menehune, I'm glad too...haven't been able to see so much of her since I began school, so great that we had that chunk of concentrated time together. Hope we can do it again someday!

Annie said...

Sigh, it's such a great photo and makes me homesick for Italy! I think it will be a great gift for her!

Anne said...

Annie, I hear you about being homesick for Italy :) I'm more than a little envious of Sandra for living there now! (So glad she shares her experiences with us on her blog!)

girasoli said...

No better place to be than gazing our on a balcony in Italy. Love the photo!

Anne said...

thanks girasoli, wish I was back in Italy right now :)

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