Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This beautiful pheasant stalked around my yard this afternoon.  What a gorgeous splash of colour he added to my day!

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  We had a family gathering at my mom's on Saturday...we stuffed ourselves with free range chicken and a delicious assortment of veggies fresh from the garden, topped off with squash pie - oh MY - what a feast!!  And in addition to an abundance of food, there was also much merriment and frivolity!

After church yesterday, Moira and I headed out to the camper.  Dave popped in town to get Sara, and they joined us a little later.  Valerie and Mark arrived in the meantime, followed shortly thereafter by Kaleigh and Sarah.  We cooked pizza and pork tenderloin over the firepit, and had a grand old time.  Another crew of campers had a massive bonfire going down by the campground's rec centre, so we joined their revelry for a bit, and then drifted back to our own smaller fire to end off the evening.

And now I am home, feeling the very epitome of that "tired but happy" cliche...and filled to the brim with thanksgiving!!

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Trekcapri said...

Hi Anne, Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with family and friends. I love your photo.

Thanks so much for sharing and have a wonderful week.

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