Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vincent...for Kathy

This video is for my blogfriend Kathy (TrekCapri), who is soon travelling to Amsterdam and wrote here of her plans to visit the Van Gogh Museum.  She captured his style and energy beautifully with this sentence: "His unmistakable tumultuous style of swirling brush strokes and vivid use of color is full of passion and emotion."

Kathy and I share a love of music.  Her profile includes the line "Music energizes and soothes my soul!And, like me, she frequently posts videos and snippets of lyrics, so I recently called her my song-sister! :)  As I was reading her Van Gogh entry, I was reminded of the Don McLean song Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)...which is a beautiful tribute to an amazing artist.  So I looked on youtube and found this lovely video of the song set to a slideshow of his art.

(Sidebar...did you know Don McLean's mother's family - the Bucci's - came from the Abruzzo region of Italy? Seems there's always an Italian connection whenever I start looking into things...)


Trekcapri said...

Hi Anne (I mean Song Sister Anne) :) Thank you so much for the lovely mention and post. Now I know we are true song sisters because I also have this video posted on my planning blog too. I'm really glad to see that you posted it here, because it has a fabulous collection of Van Gogh's amazing paintings. And I love Don McLean's song too. I did not know about the Italy connection. That's so cool to learn. Have you also heard Josh Groban's version. Very cool if you get a chance to hear it on i-Tunes.

I am so looking forward to my visit to Amsterdam. I shall think of you and all my wonderful blog friends when I visit there in less than 27 days eek...

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Song sister,
Kathy. :)

Anne said...

Ok, that is too cool that you have this video on your planning blog! I hadn't heard Josh Groban's version before, but just had a listen and WOW, what a lovely rich voice he has. Beautiful rendition, thanks for telling me about it!

Less than a month until your trip, how exciting!!!

girasoli said...

Love this song. Brings back great memories. I also loved visiting the Van Gogh Museum. Cool video!

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