Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vacationer wanted - Transat Holidays

Vacationer wanted - Transat Holidays

From the website:

Transat Holidays is currently seeking a vacationer to act as foreign correspondent and brand representative for a 1-year period. The main duties of the vacationer will be to visit some of the most beautiful travel destinations and share his/her experiences with the public, using web videos.

  • Be a worthy brand representative in dealings with Canadian travellers
  • Visit 12 dream destinations over a period of 12 months (Caribbean, Central America, Europe)
  • Share adventures and experiences with the public in an entertaining fashion by producing content for the web
  • Produce regular features, including videos, articles and photos on the destinations visited

  • Annual salary of $40,000

  • Travel and destination expenses paid, including transportation, hotel, meals, excursions and travel medical insurance for the duration of the contract.

  • Seriously?  How cool would that be??  Not that I plan to apply since I'm already on a completely different life altering journey these days - a journey I wouldn't walk away from even for the sake of a year's free travel, but...this sounds like an amazing opportunity for someone!


    menehune said...

    A: This is one that sounds too good to be true! I bet some Slow Travelers could already write some 40 reviews. Thanks for bringing it up.

    barb cabot said...

    Wow! wow and wow again!

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